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My Story

We are a responsible breeder of purebred Shih Tzu, Dachshund and Havanese puppies.
Why should you adopt your new furry family member from us?  Because we are different...
  1.  Licensed by the state of Iowa.  This means we have been inspected by the Iowa Department of Agriculture.  They are an unbiased party who is looking out for the welfare of animals.  Period.  They have no other agenda. Learn more.
  2. Facility.  We have facilities with the focus on the health and happiness of our puppies.
  3. Experience.  We were raised with puppies, and learned from childhood how to raise puppies.  We have friends and mentors in various fields of animal welfare and listen to them on a regular basis.
  4. Education.  We belong to the Iowa Pet Breeders Association where we attend seminar/meetings to learn more about our breeds and our puppies.  Learn More                     I am on 2 advisory boards Pet Advocacy Network, Canine Care. Education is very important to me and belonging to these organizations offers a wealth of knowledge.
  5. Love.  We love what we do.  We are proud of the puppies we raise and truly enjoy the happiness that these puppies bring to homes across the country.
Why these breeds? Shih Tzu & Havanese
  1. Hypo-Allergenic.  We chose these breeds because I am allergic to dogs.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Most breeds will cause me to have watering eyes, stuffy nose and an itchy throat.  However, the breeds that we raise do not have that affect!  If you have allergies but still want a companion, our puppies are perfect for you.  (Obviously, if your allergies are serious, consult a doctor.)
  2. Shedding.  These breeds are considered non-shedding.  If you would like to sit on your couch without needing a lint roller, our puppies are for you!
  3. Small! This means small poop!  It also is easier to pick them up, take to the vet, groomer, etc., less mess when they come in from the rain, they take less space on the bed/couch, easier to bathe, the list can go on and on.


Nancy Magnusson

High Country Kennel Lansing, 


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